Cyrano dating agency movie review

Min Young awakens in the headquarters of Cyrano Dating Agency and sees Moo Jin and an even younger employee A-Rang, who welcomes her sweetly.

Min Young sees Byung Hoon and his high tech set up and realizes that they were the cause of Glasses Guy losing his chance with Ballerina, because they were helping Sommelier.

Not to mention really talented actors who exude manly appeal as opposed to flower boy cuteness.

Then I watched episode 1 of CDA and promptly fell in love with this drama. This drama comes from the folks responsible for not just one, but TWO of my favorite K-dramas of all time. I think it’s safe to flail around uncontrollably now.

Then I looked at the production team and almost had an out of body experienced. Rest assured the end product merits the love, episode 1 of CDA was adorable.

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Min Young doesn’t work this way and huffs off, turning down the job.

Glasses Guy thanks her for doing this for him, it’s allowed him to end his crush on Ballerina for good and move on.

He thinks she’s a kind and generous person and wishes her well.

Min Young is furious that they would manipulate people’s affections, but Byung Hoon thinks love requires strategy, which is better than Min Young’s agency that groups people by classes and then tells them to pick amongst their class.

He did so much work to get Ballerina to pay attention to the wine Sommelier poured for her at each of her failed dates, until she started to see him as a warm protecting presence in her life.

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