With the support of the ABC Unified School District, Cerritos College Teacher TRAC has been able to provide hands on experience and mentoring to Teacher TRAC Students in the Elementary Pathway and through our Special Education Internships.We appreciate all the support the District has supplied to us and our students and look forward to many more collaborative projects with the District in the future.Wiley et al (2012) examined the impact of using open textbooks based on materials produced by the CK-12 Foundation for three high school science courses.They found that open textbooks were over 50% less expensive than the traditional textbooks recommended for adoption, and that there was no negative impact on student learning outcomes as measured by state standardized tests.

While much work has been done to create, disseminate, and champion OER, relatively little theory-based, generalizable research has been done to examine its use and impacts (Bateman, Lane & Moon 2012).California State University, Long Beach (CSULB): Cerritos College and California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) have a long and strong history of working together to improve education.Currently Cerritos College and CSULB have a model partnership revolving around the preparation of K-6 teachers.In addition to this extended partnership; two new articulation agreements were formed with CSULB in the last few years.The first is part of a new program to recruit and prepare secondary mathematics and science teachers.

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