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(Olivier Douliery/Getty Images) Since election night, the couple’s PDAs—heads touching, loving gazes, hands on hearts—have telegraphed happiness and an 180-degree shift from the chillier optics of the Harper marriage, which was marked by stiff hand-holding and Laureen making John Baird her date at public functions.

Perhaps Trudeau’s call for help was, as many people thought, a nod to the U. The former wife of Pierre Trudeau is honorary president of the Ottawa charity that places fresh water wells in East Africa.

“I want to use the platform I’m blessed to have been given,” she said, calling it a “natural extension of the work I was doing before I met my husband.” The difference, of course, is that she was often paid for her labour then (she was on the roster for a speakers’ bureau).

Were Grégoire to charge for speaking she’d be accused of exploiting her position.

As anyone who follows geopolitical developments is aware, Justin Trudeau celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary three days early last week, taking a day off in Japan before his first G7 summit.

He was leading by example, he said: “This is the kind of work-life balance that I’ve often talked about as being essential in order to be able to be in service of the country.” Had the Prime Minister decided to take a day off that lacked romantic significance in the midst of the summit, the outcry would have been even louder than it was.

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