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They have a monitoring hub, called telemedicine department, monitoring other hospitals in other countries that might not have the information and technology that PCH has, and they’ve been able to lower mortality rates, post-op, in some cases, 40, 50, 60 percent, which is really life-changing for other hospitals in other parts of the world. Are you focused on playing Deathstroke in the Batman movie, or is that too far off? My trainer and I have started putting together some workouts that are specific to the character and how I want the character to move. RI: Robert and his wife Gail get to the gym together a lot.I hosted a gala event last year where we raised million in one night, which is kind of amazing. It’s an incredibly athletic role so all of the training is very functional. Do you do that with your wife (Sophia Vergara) or is your training time your own time? RI: If you think back 10-15 years, what are the key differences between the way you trained then versus the way you train now?Ben Affleck makes great films and he’s a great Batman.Geoff Johns certainly is a really fun guy to hang around with and has a great grasp on this steering wheel that is the Titanic of the DCEU. Someone took Facebook Connect functionality and mashed it together with Chatroulette’s video conferencing interface. Could Facebook will be rolling out a similar feature to Faceroulette sometime in the immediate future?If you look at some other things I’ve done recently like Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday (on Netflix) and Blaze and the Monster Machines (Manganiello was a guest voice on the Nickelodeon cartoon) there’s been a real turn to kid-friendly stuff, especially too with Batman coming up.Smurfs is a return to the Peyo artwork; he’s the Belgian artist and painter who created the Smurfs.

Joe Manganiello became a household name by playing a werewolf in HBO’s True Blood, and a stripper in the Magic Mike movies.I do a lot of work with Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, I’m on the board of trustees, and the kids weren’t ever allowed to see anything I was in.I would go to visit the hospital and all the adults would know who I am but the kids have no idea.And I have two-and-a-half year-old niece and two-year-old nephew and I started thinking about wanting to do things that they could see and would enjoy.This seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that.

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