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’s Tris fighting for her freedom and Thomas trying to figure out why he has to run through a goddamn maze.Stories about young people negotiating dangerous conflicts while churning through regular adolescent drama, is the lifeblood of young adult fiction (plus it makes potentially boring scenarios much more interesting — you think Bella would have been into Edward if he wasn’t a murderous vampire? Perhaps this is the reason why this book, depicting an imagined invasion of Australia in which a group of teens become a motley crew of vigilantes, has stuck around for so long.Channel 4 has unveiled plans to broadcast a sex education series in the morning despite the fact that young children could be watching.KNTV Sex will tackle issues such as contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and masturbation.Is this series going to be like Given that they’re at war, there is a crazy amount of relationship drama.

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It will also explore the male and female body, rules of attraction, pregnancy, childbirth, relationships and marriage.'Amazing sex facts', a look at the 'inner workings of the reproductive system' and 'Operation Penis' are some of the programme topics.The series will discuss different ways of having sex, contraception, STDs, bisexuality and 'coming out'.I think, even the way it’s discussed in the TV show, it’s not like anybody is a full villain.Robyn, who is the moral compass of the groups, says: “They have their reasons for invading. I don’t think that nationality is informing the way that they behave.

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