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Social games in businesses, private clubs, or places of public accommodation can be conducted only if there is an enabling ordinance (usually a social gaming ordinance) by the local jurisdiction.

Social games that are conducted in private residences are permissible.

A "social game" is one in which all the money wagered is returned to the players in the form of prizes.

The house cannot take a "cut" or percentage of the money or otherwise profit in any manner from the operation of a game.

A licensee may share the operation of the games and proceeds with a bona fide subgroup of the licensed organization.

As with all lotteries, a raffle includes the elements of consideration, chance and a prize.

Consideration is presumed to be present unless it is clearly and conspicuously disclosed to prospective participants that tickets may be acquired without contributing something of economic value.

A door prize drawing is any drawing conducted at a regular meeting of the nonprofit organization where both the sale of tickets and the drawing occur, and the total value of all the prizes does not exceed 0.

Certain nonprofit organizations are required to register under Oregon's Charitable Trust and Corporations Act ».

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