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He noted grammatical errors and that the words "my wife" appear to be emphasized in bold letters, which are not featured in other ancient Coptic texts.

"As a student of Coptic convinced that the fragment is a modern creation, I am unable to escape the impression that there is something almost hilarious about the use of bold letters," he wrote.

"The team concluded the papyrus' chemical composition and patterns of oxidation are consistent with old papyrus by comparing the GJW (Gospel of Jesus' Wife) fragment with a fragment of the Gospel of John," said the study.

"Current testing thus supports the conclusion that the papyrus and ink of GJW are ancient." Anonymous origins The origin of the papyrus is unknown.

What are your thoughts of using purely scientific arguments like these that omit any reference to “God”? Isn’t the evidence of our expanding technology proof of the evolution of human brain development?

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Bruce conducted extensive research for the Religious Studies Center, on the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Abraham.

Joseph Smith Foundation Joseph Smith Foundation is an organization focused on supporting and contributing to projects founded in the words of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith advanced a literal interpretation of scripture and confirmation of the truths taught in the Bible.

This handout image provided September 19, 2012 by Karen L.

Bruce co-authored the book which outlines the scriptural basis for the Heartland Model Research, ‘Prophecies and Promises,’ with Rod Meldrum.

Brother Porter contends in his recently released book ‘An Everlasting Decree; Ensuring a Title to Liberty for The Promised Land’ that: The Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the gospel, is a record of a fallen people, and also reviews the ‘deed restriction’ that continue to exist upon the Promised Land; a very important message to all those who have and will inhabit the land of Lehi in the Latter-days.

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