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(Yes, it’s the best way to broadcast yourself during gameplay sessions.You don’t have to take advantage of its motion-sensitive features.) As far as PC cams go, most laptop and desktop models have ones built in, but in case they don’t, give the Logitech HD Pro C920 a try, along with the Genius Wide Cam F100 and HP HD 4310.

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Hearing you is one thing, but seeing you react to the games is another. For the consoles, Sony’s Play Station 4 camera is a good way to go, while over on the Xbox One, you can’t go wrong with the Kinect.

They’re all quite affordable, and help you get a good picture of yourself set up so you can add some personal touches to your broadcast.

Next up, you’ll need the tools in order to get your broadcast off on the right foot.

It’s essentially PDA as a result of peer pressure, which is usually the exact opposite of how PDA works. (No, not like that.) I’ve gone to Pittsburgh Pirates games where the Kiss Cam segment was easily the most entertaining part of the evening.

Granted, that was a few years ago, before the Pirates became a group of legitimate professional baseball players, and I’d go to games just to eat chicken wings and watch strangers kiss one another.

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