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She carried her love of sports into adulthood, eventually noticing that teams didn't offer much in the way of clothing that was appealing to and tailored for women.

Milano pitched her idea for a fashion- and female-friendly line of licensed sports fan clothing to the MLB and ended up with her own Touch by Alyssa Milano line, which has since expanded into other sports.

She has actively continued her participation with UNICEF and with other international charities, using her birthdays to encourage fans to donate to and participate in charitable activities.

More than most Hollywood stars, Milano has recently embraced the new technologies of social media.

Milano also has one younger brother, named Cory., without the knowledge of Milano's parents.

When Milano was offered a role as one of the orphans, her parents were wary of giving their permission.

Over the decade-spanning course of her Hollywood career, Alyssa Milano has, for the most part, avoided negative celebrity exposure, actively avoiding paparazzi-saturated areas and steering clear of many of the troubles that other former child actors have dealt with in a very public way.

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She spent the next 18 months on the road with the show.Behind the scenes, though, not all was well; costar Shannen Doherty's early departure from the show, after just three seasons, was reportedly the result of backstage clashes with Milano.In 2010, Milano also starred in the short-lived sitcom .During her years on the sitcom, Alyssa Milano also released several pop albums, which were only sold in Japan.Additionally, in 1985, Milano played the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenneger's character in the action film brought Milano widespread recognition, but it also created obstacles for her down the line; fearing that she would be typecast, she spent several years trying to break free of her identification with the character Samantha Micelli.

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