Borderline personality disorder and dating

She adds, “I wouldn’t say it’s ruined any relationships, but I would say that I am very hard to love because of it.”Courtney, a 24-year-old living in Minnesota, has been married for three years while battling BPD, among other mental illnesses.

“My husband was very supportive but didn’t fully understand what it meant at first.

Oftentimes, it’s confused with Bipolar Disorder, which is characterized by more extreme, fast mood swings.

Perhaps the most well-known example of BPD is Winona Ryder’s character Susanna Kaysen in , a film which follows the real-life experience (it’s based on the book written by Kaysen) of young women in a mental hospital in the ’60s.

I had to keep telling him he didn’t know the ‘full me,’ until he was around long enough to see a lot of the effects of BPD.”Mc Keon cautions that many people won’t know what BPD is, let alone understand it.

She advises, “If I was someone who had a borderline personality and I started dating somebody, I’d talk more about how attachment is difficult for me. Talk more about the qualities that they need in a relationship to feel safe so that their borderline tendencies won’t be exaggerated.”All three women agree that BPD has taken a toll on their dating lives and has put them in less than ideal situations.

However, as you’ll learn in this article, beautiful women tend to have many traits that are common among Borderlines.

One of the main symptoms of BPD is an intense fear of abandonment.All you have to do is take a quick visit to any community forum and you’ll see associated words such as: And so on and so forth. One of the first things I want to teach you is to You need to keep in mind that your upbringing and life experience is unique to you and you alone.Now the way I interpret this list is that BPD is basically a large umbrella with all these issues underneath it. As a result, most people generalize Borderlines to be one and the same. Your girlfriend has her own unique experiences as well. Further more, as someone who was a Borderline/codependent man, I know on a personal level what is required to recover and date these types of people successfully (which is why I believe my website has gained a lot of popularity).She says, “I think it still has that stigma that’s attached to it from the ’70s, where people associate it with these extremes when in reality a ton of people function with it every day.It’s not always wild mood swings from one minute to the next, and I think people have a tendency to be wary of mental illness because it seems ‘difficult.’” New Yorker Eve, 24, adds, “The biggest misconception I’ve seen, through media, is that it’s your typical crazy girl that tries to manipulate everyone.”Mc Keon agrees that these are common misjudgments.

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