Books on healthy dating relationships

We can still be independent and open—those in healthy relationships get that. Those who are in healthy, long-term relationships understand that the key to anything ultimately boils down to communication.Unless you are Paris Hilton, my guess is that nothing at all in life is going to get solved by pouting in the corner with your arms folded around your chest.Most importantly, those who are in healthy relationships understand that it all boils down to respect and love.Respect and love for the self, for their partner and for the relationship.If he was leaving he would say where he was headed and approximately what time he would be home.It wasn’t done with the feeling that he needed to, but the feeling that it was the thing to do. When we are in a healthy partnership, it’s time to open up about these things.We should have time away for ourselves to explore our own interests.Nothing is sexier than a man or woman who is passionate and capable of holding their own.

It could be a job or personal issues that requires their attention.

They have learned to honor their past and all it entailed as necessary steps to take in the ladder to their personal evolution. What is not okay is if it stays in this place of imbalance.

They bring with them the appreciation for each moment and respect for where they have come from and what they have gone through into their current relationship. We all go through things that leave us gutted or otherwise unable to be fully present in a relationship.

While that is a novel idea, it’s complete and utter B. We will never forget or release the past, and why should we? Everything we have encountered, whether good or bad, was a learning experience designed to aid our evolution.

People in healthy relationships haven’t suddenly forgotten or “released” their wounds, they have transformed them.

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