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Brian Strutton, General Secretary of pilots' union BALPA, said the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), should investigate the CEO's comments and said his 18-hour a week figure has 'no basis in reality'.'BALPA is worried about what message this is giving to pilots, and what effect this management attitude has on safety culture,' he said.'Pilots are legally-bound to report their fatigue as it can have dangerous effects on pilot performance.Mr O'Leary told the airline's shareholders that 'unions are trying to give Ryanair a bloody nose' but denied any 'bad relationship' between bosses and staff and said they 'don't want unionisation'.He said pilots due to take a four-week block of holidays in the next few months because a change in annual leave rotas will be told to reduce that to three weeks.

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We will be reasonable.'We don't need their agreement.'(Pilots) are not going to participate in work to rule. He apologised to the 350,000 people affected by the cancellations.'I seriously regret these cancellations and upsetting and worrying 80 million of our customers last week.'We are working hard and long hours to address the passengers disrupted last weekend.'By the end of this week over 95% of customers will be rebooked or refunded,' said Mr O'Leary.Ryanair appears to be telling its pilots that if they report, their attitude will be that it’s the pilot’s own fault'.An airline spokesman said today: 'Ryanair complies fully with all EU261 legislation and will take all necessary steps to ensure affected customers are re-accommodated as quickly as possible.Mr O'Leary insisted that Ryanair's pilots work under 'good terms and conditions'.'There isn't a bad relationship between Ryanair and our pilots.'We asked on Monday for volunteers to work days off ...we have had huge co-operation and support from pilots,' he added.

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