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Perched on the Pacific Ocean, Little River Inn has graciously greeted guests for five generations.

Dramatic and ever-changing ocean views provide a breathtaking backdrop for your stay.

Step on the boat and get to relaxin’ while our friendly & professional captain takes you on a beautiful cruise through these panoramic and historic waterways.

Serenity is the goal as we glide over the water towards our rendezvous with the setting sun.

These islands face the Atlantic Ocean to the south, which creates both spectacular sunrises and sunsets to view over the horizon.

Relax in front of a romantic fireplace or watch the sunset from your private deck.

Golf, tennis, hiking – we have it all right here so there’s no need to get back in your car.

During this change the strength of the magnetic field weakened to 5% of its present strength.

In the early 20th century, geologists first noticed that some volcanic rocks were magnetized opposite to the direction of the local Earth's field.

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