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There are also plenty of non-cocktail oriented offerings, like group outings to Fête to see live music, or to the Bank of America City Center for ice skating.I meet people everywhere,” says Karina Holyoak Wood.This year’s Most Eligible are all great catches: fun, successful, vivacious, intelligent... But part of what makes them so appealing is how much they have going on in their lives: they’re working hard, they’re out on the town, they’re certainly not sitting at home waiting for something to happen. At 32, the girl is a force to be reckoned with: beautiful, successful, funny, determined yet down to earth.By day, she’s an events planner at Brown University; at night, she co-owns Suede, a vintage and thrift apparel company that brings pop up shops to events.Ask anyone who’s ever dated in Providence and you'll probably hear the same thing: that there are unique challenges to dating in a city this size. You’re hesitant to put yourself out there because of them.They might say there aren’t enough singles, and everyone who is single is one degree of separation from you, anyway. It’s easy for people to be pessimistic about dating in Providence. Especially when go and place us among the best cities in America for singles.They just aren’t sitting around waiting to be asked out.And if you haven’t found them yet, you might not be looking hard enough.

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“I’ve lived in Providence since 1996 and I love it here,” Karina says.

“Music, theater, movies, fashion, art and design fuel my creative mind,” Jay says.

“I believe in giving back and stay very active in various community networks.

That can be just as much of a hindrance to meeting new people as anything else.

How often do you hear single people comment that they have too much going on with work, family and friends to get out there?

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