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Manipulation is one of the most controversial and blurred phenomena in Translation Studies.

Although it has been at the centre of attention of a number of scholars since at least the 1970s, to the author’s knowledge, no comprehensive and unequivocal definition, description or conceptualisation of it has been offered as yet.

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Klimovich, Siberian Federal University Manipulation in Translation. the issue of manipulative undertakings on the part of the translator, be it deliberate or unintentional, seems to be always present whenever it comes to comparing the quality and quantity of information between the target text and it source." Translation as Manipulation: Causes and Consequences, Opinions and Attitudes ( Aiga Kramina "The present article focuses on the concept of manipulation in translation, attitudes towards it, as well as its causes and consequences.

Theory and Applications ( Ed.: Joanna Esquibel; Magdalena Kizeweter. As opposed to the claims of the Manipulation School scholars the starting point for the present discussion is not an assumption that translation is or implies a certain degree of manipulation, it rather offers a number of arguments for and against this claim.

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It might turn out to be an impossible task, considering the multifaceted and to a certain extent evasive nature of this phenomenon.

In the course of the article certain aspects of the evasive nature of manipulation are revealed, seeking answers to two questions, first, whether translation is manipulation, and, second, why it is so difficult to conceptualise this phenomenon. Interpreting Research and the ‘Manipulation School’ of Translation Studies "This article examines, explains and puts into perspective what others have dubbed the ‘Manipulation School’.

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