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“In every peaceful protest the police attack the people,” said Oznur, who overcame fears of getting gassed again as she had during the Gezi Park protests.

“This being an international event, pride march, [the police] could even attack if they wanted. “But it’s kind of humorous to paint a rainbow on my helmet.” For weeks had routinely carried a gas mask while running errands around her neighborhood, but left her mask at home for pride.

I said, ' What do you think you're going to do with that Astroglide? Also: "I think at my age, you get to the point where you don't give a hoot what people think.

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One Turkish man recently pleaded guilty to “accidentally” murdering his son for being gay, conceal their sexual identities on a daily basis.

The familiar chant wasn’t so much a spillover from the Taksim protests as a different venue for members of the LGBT community, who have been on the frontlines of the anti-government protests in Istanbul that erupted on protestors who are speaking out on social media websites.[There was a video here] "I got into doing gang bangs in 2008," says Shirley, 78, in the NSFW clip above. Each one is better than the last one." She then opens her shirt to reveal a tattoo on her breast (that's the real NSFW part of the video).I'm not going to tell you what it says because I want you to experience the joy of discovery.We can share this and people can just join.” “We haven’t seen this kind of unity in , who was also marching in the parade.“So it’s all great.” For parade participants, unity looks like a massive rainbow flag clutched by dozens of LGBT supporters with flower tiaras and anonymous masks. It feels like confidence and safety while walking down the street wearing a short skirt and heels.

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