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D, Distinguished Professor, Department of Anthropology, Indiana University Bloomington Presentation Overview: Every day Americans think about foods that are “good” and “bad,” and see some kinds of eating as virtuous while others make them feel guilty. From a silverpoint portrait of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti to a chalk drawing of the presumed shape of a wormhole, Washington’s multilayered works consist of a medley of ambiguous scientific…

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Take a study or work break to pet certified therapy dogs and enjoy other stress relieving activities! These informational meetings are held two times per week, every week during the school year where you can learn how to get started exploring study abroad opportunities.We are an active investment management firm focused on delivering attractive performance and client portfolio solutions, deploying the latest technology across our business to help ensure we stay at the forefront of our evolving industry.Our five investment management businesses leverage our world-class infrastructure to provide a diverse range of strategies across investment approaches, styles and asset classes.Our MBA program is delivered by an exceptional group of dedicated faculty in a high-tech learning environment.The program's reputation, flexibility, and affordability define the Illinois State MBA as one of the best. 9 Horses is comprised of artist-level performers who recently won the 21CM LAUNCH: Emerging Artists Competition.

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