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When you cancel, you may have to call the company to guarantee that your request is received.If your credit card is charged in error, contact the site’s customer service department.“This information includes the basic building blocks of identity theft, such as consumers’ names, addresses and Social Security numbers,” he said.While Equifax has made a business of greedily hording the information that punishes consumers who have imperfect credit, it has so far gone relatively unpunished for a security posture that left mountains of data exposed to hackers. According to the BBB, until it is proven that Equifax was at fault in the hack, its “A” rating will stand.“At this point it hasn’t been shown that there’s been any malfeasance by the company,” says spokeswoman Katherine Hutt.(Warning: If someone messaged you through the site or app while you were an active user, your profile will continue to be visible to them.) Deleting may be a better choice for anyone who wants to avoid old would-be suitors.But if you hide your profile and eventually decide to resume using it, you'll probably need to update your photos and other information. Your online dating service might be unwilling to accept that it's over between you.

When you sign up for a dating service, look at the payment page’s fine print for information on what automatic payment cycle the service uses and how to pay month to month if that's what you'd prefer.She says the BBB has so far not seen such a pattern of complaints from consumers about the data breach.But, she adds, it can take up to a month for such complaints to be processed.I asked Hutt if a business that practices misconduct and yet answers complaints quickly would still maintain a high rating with the BBB.“It depends,” she said.“But generally yes.” However, Hutt said if the BBB sees a pattern of complaints about a company it will address the issue with the company.

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