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They and three other boys—including two future rockabilly pioneers, brothers Dorsey and Johnny Burnette—formed a loose musical collective that played frequently around the Courts.

During his junior year, Presley began to stand out more among his classmates, largely because of his appearance: he grew out his sideburns and styled his hair with rose oil and Vaseline.

In 1968, following a seven-year break from live performances, he returned to the stage in the acclaimed televised comeback special Elvis, which led to an extended Las Vegas concert residency and a string of highly profitable tours.

In 1973, Presley featured in the first globally broadcast concert via satellite, Aloha from Hawaii.

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Ten-year-old Presley was dressed as a cowboy; he stood on a chair to reach the microphone and sang "Old Shep". Over the following year, he received basic guitar lessons from two of his uncles and the new pastor at the family's church.

Presley became close to both parents and formed an especially close bond with his mother.

The family attended an Assembly of God church, where he found his initial musical inspiration.

Although he was in conflict with the Pentecostal church in his later years, he never officially left it.

The family often relied on help from neighbors and government food assistance.

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