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Gloria Steinam talks about the ‘magic of talking circles’ and I really believe in this.

Online networks are a great resource, but there’s an incredible power in physically sharing a space with people to talk or protest. The feminist agenda in Cambridge is very much influenced by the experience of the British woman.

As women’s officer I’m part of a legacy of women who have created, nurtured and maintained a space for themselves in an institution that was not made for them.

In my first year, the women’s campaign was a space for activists to come together and struggle, rant, share solidarity and be comforted by one another.

It’s also a community of amazing and intelligent people, and I look forward to working with many of them this year. My school had a strong feminist ethos and really celebrated women and their achievements.

And as Audre Lorde writes, it’s not about watering down our grievances or making them palatable, but realising that anger “focused with precision…can become a powerful source of energy serving progress and change.” Art: Betye Saar!

She’s an incredible African-American visual artist who uses collage and assemblage to explore racial stereotypes, ancestral connectedness, ritual objects, nostalgia and personal and collective memory I started coming to Forum in second year and was completely inspired and impressed by the radical space that had been nurtured by the CUSU Women’s Officer and the Wom Cam committee.

I hope to recreate that same space for other people. Womcam has been one of my most worthwhile pursuits at uni, so I really wanted to be part of the team.

Womcam is such an important space and I feel really proud to be working with such incredible people. I was always reading a lot, and I think that opened my eyes to gendered violence, and my anger keeps becoming more productive.

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