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However, Min highlights that “the problem with stereotypes is not that they’re not true. I feel like this pearl of wisdom held a lot of validity and truth behind it.What were the incomplete perceptions of gay Asians that were floating around, and how did other gay guys negotiate their world?Min enlightens me with the common concerns he’s heard from Asian men as a result of sexual racism, such as “I think I’m being discriminated against but I’m not sure. The creators of wanted to acknowledge such shared experiences, to give it a name and to identify the consequences of it.Issues such as detriment to self-esteem and identity came up frequently, especially when people came to feel like they were only being seen for their ethnicity.Between the usual fuzziness of Lana Del Ray music and judgements of people’s clothing, an ever-hungry thought — “Am I single because I’m Asian? Does being a gay Asian, or “Gaysian” for those who like combining words, affect your dating experiences because of the way people perceive you romantically?I set out to try and find what common stories were shared among gay Asian-Australians, and what to expect from just being born into this body.I follow up on this idea briefly with Dr Gilbert Caluya, a research fellow at the University of South Australia, who traces its potential origins in the 15th century.He also tells me a combination of “a whitewashed mainstream media”, “historical racial division of beauty” and Australia’s “Yellow Panic” led to this climate of “racially homogenous desire” — which we call sexual racism now.

He also believes Asian gay men collectively experience exclusion and negative exchanges in the wider gay community.” asks Min Fuh, the project lead of A-men magazine and a community health officer at ACON.Min refers me to the website after our interview starts but the term itself seems pretty self-explanatory: basically negating people out of your dating radar based on their race.And more importantly, what should I expect on my personal journey in finding the perfect puppy-rearing partner.____________ “ARE you familiar with the term sexual racism?

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