Ashanti dating gossip nelly

"The way you've handled it to me is very impressive.

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The 34-year-old star sat down with talk show host Meredith Vieira (airing tomorrow) to discuss two big things have affected her life recently—dealing with a longtime stalker and breaking up with fellow hip-hop performer Nelly."We were talking in the beginning of the show all you've been going through with this man, this stalker," Vieira began.

Ashanti went to Bernice Johnson Cultural Arts Center, where she studied different dance styles, including tap, jazz, ballet, African, modern, and hip hop.

She danced with the Senior Pro Ensemble at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Avery Fisher Hall, and the Black Spectrum Theater.

As far as Tae Heckard is concerned, she doesn’t seem to be too pleased that Nelly reportedly kicked her to the curb to reconcile with Ashanti.

She’s been posting a few subliminal messages too: Considering that Ashanti’s little sister dragged Tae not to long ago on Twitter and accused her of sleeping with Nelly while he was with Ashanti, we’re not surprised Ashanti’s fans have been dragging her on Instagram for the last 24 hours.

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