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Also, after the blowout that was the first Battle Of The Sexes, the Bunim-Murray team should have known the boys would destroy the ladies and make for kind of depressing TV.

This season is also notable for the weakest non-gameplay elimination in the show's history when Steven playfully slapped Shane and was immediately ejected.

Bananas and Frank were paired up because of a Twitter war.

The second Battle Of The Seasons was unrelated to the first (hence no number in the title), which was a good thing in theory.

In addition to adding drama, the life shield added additional challenges, which made it a better show.CT and Diem, actual exes with actual history and actual love between them, had a serious breakup and serious beef (she didn't show at his murdered brother's funeral) and they worked through it all on the show.Though they didn't end up winning, watching them become friendly was extremely satisfying after nearly a decade of drama.Also, Tina Fey was there as a guest judge on the "No Laughing Matter" mission for some reason.The second installment of Battle Of The Sexes, filmed after both The Gauntlet and The Inferno introduced the all-important elimination round, suffered from returning to the basic "both teams eliminate a player simply by voting" strategy.

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