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Anna Wintour's surname sounds like "winter." A reader of Jerry Oppenheimer's tell-all biography of the Vogue editor practically expects him to drag this coincidence out as hard evidence of her famously crisp demeanor.In "Front Row: Anna Wintour: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue's Editor in Chief," Mr.Yet she said in later interviews that she spent a year there. A brief allusion to an instance where her education was perhaps an issue arises during a retelling of the supposed rivalry between her and Tina Brown while the latter edited Vanity Fair: "Embarrassed by her lack of a formal education, Anna was envious of Brown's, who had been a proper and serious student, and graduated from Oxford's St. Oppenheimer to delve deeper into this weakness of Ms. Some former employees mention that her strengths are mostly visual rather than editorial.And anyone who has been reading Vogue for years would notice that it has published less and less substantial editorial content - leading a trend picked up by other magazines. Wintour's work (rather than her methods of achieving them) are questioned comes 250 pages into "Front Row" and 20 years into her career in fashion.

And who cares, since it's just selling advertising, really." Ms. Wintour's upbringing is recorded, from the backgrounds of her parents - Bostonian Eleanor "Nonie" and Evening Standard editor Charles Wintour - to the tragic death of her older brother Gerald, who was hit by a car at age 10 while bicycling. Wintour's high school years at the all-girls North London Collegiate can be rather entertaining in their ordinariness.

The larger-than-life Talley opened up to Women's Wear Daily about his decision to leave after a 30-year career at the magazine, his relationship with Anna Wintour and his theory on why Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the Oscars.

Why he decided to leave Vogue: "I've been there for 30 years, it was a tough decision when I went to talk to Anna about this.

Drusilla Beyfus Shulman (whose daughter, Alexandra, is the current editor in chief of Vogue's British edition) says of Ms.

Wintour: "She was just all so terrific within that narrow compass of fashion.

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