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Earlier this week photos surfaced of Anderson Cooper's boyfriend locking lips with another man.There were many pictures, and the two men were definitely kissing in a romantic way. Where: "A New York City park." Cooper and Maisani live together, but aren't seen in public together very often, and tend to lead different lives. The couple was rumored to be thinking about a Labor Day wedding, at the advice of Cooper's mother Gloria Vanderbilt. Possibly, Maisani is cheating on Cooper — but we've also heard that Cooper himself has been known to pick up, ahem, "strange" at gyms in D. Radar Online reported a friend of Cooper’s saying, “Anderson’s turning 50 next summer, so he finally figured it was time to take the plunge,” and added, “It took a nudge from Gloria to make it happen!” ALSO READ: Winter 2016 Information – Dry, Warm For South; Cold, Snowy For The North It was the 92 year old meddling mother who sent her handsome son to the altar for the bells to ring.That said, we can't readily assume that Cooper is posting these pictures to get back at his cheating boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani.

ALSO READ: Ryan Williams Tampon Rant – Girlfriend Excluded, ‘She Never Bleeds!The CNN anchor is going to marry the 43 year old, Benjamin Maisani, club owner, and plans for a spring wedding which has made his mother all the more excited.ALSO READ: Angelina Jolie Illuminati Video – Real Reason Behind Brad Pitt Divorce?A little over a week after Anderson Cooper announced to the world that he is gay, reports are surfacing that the journalist is preparing to marry his boyfriend, Ben Maisani…and they could even tie the knot as soon as LABOR DAY!According to an insider: "He'd been considering breaking the news [about being gay] since same-sex marriage became legal in the state of New York last summer.

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