American dating turkish man

My husband speaks english very well.we do not have any communication problems.. and we had trouble communicating, I'm possitive I would still be in love with him just as much. I don't judge anyone by their nationality at all, so I can't speak about people overall, only individuals.But it seems that they let their words pour from their hearts, and this is truly captivating.Please, Can anyone offer advice as to why SO many western women seem to fall inlove with Turkish men?I read this site regularly now, and most translation posts are from women desperate to communicate with a Turkish man. But i think because turkish men treat women so nice when they meet them, and with western men they are what the women are used to seeing, they feel they are being treated the same by each and every man until they meet a turkish man. With western men they are(not all, im not trying to be judgemental) but they dont seem to bothered about relationships after a while and football, golf, rugby, hockey, cars etc become more important.(of course not all men but you know quite a few!

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Many of these Turks came from Harput, Akçadağ, Antep and Macedonia and embarked for the United States from Beirut, Mersin, Izmir, Trabzon and Salonica.Only a short time before reaching Roanoke, Drake's fleet of some thirty ships had liberated these Muslims from Spanish colonial forces in the Caribbean where they had been condemned to hard labor as galley slaves.About 300,000 people immigrated from the Ottoman Empire to the United States, although only 50,000 of these immigrants were Muslim Turks whilst the rest were mainly Arabs, Azeri, Armenians, Greeks, Jews and other Muslim groups under the Ottoman rule.The majority of these migrants lived in urban areas and worked in the industrial sector, taking difficult and lower-paying jobs in leather factories, tanneries, the iron and steel sector, and the wire, railroad, and automobile industries, especially in New England, New York, Detroit, and Chicago.The Turkish community generally relied on each other in finding jobs and a place to stay, many staying in boarding houses.

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