Amanda palmer gaiman dating

While Palmer was openly frustrated with the direction of the show, fan and critical reviews were very positive.In September 2007, Palmer collaborated with Jason Webley to release Evelyn Evelyn's debut EP Elephant Elephant via Jason's Eleven Records.

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In June 2008, Palmer established her solo career with two well-received performances with the Boston Pops.A widely reported and commented upon controversy emerged from the related tour when she asked for local musicians to volunteer to play with her for exposure, fun, beer, and hugs instead of money.The album, Theatre Is Evil, was recorded with The Grand Theft Orchestra, produced by John Congleton, and released in September 2012.In it she has written a history of the album The Dresden Dolls and of the duo, as well as a partial autobiography.The book also contains the lyrics, sheet music, and notes on each song in the album, all written by Palmer, as well as a DVD with a 20-minute interview of Amanda about making the book.

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