Alex carr dating elvis duran

When I got out of a relationship, I realized I had an opportunity to talk about my private life on the air because I thought it could be relatable.I was blown away by the fact that my being gay was, and still is, a nonissue.Has your decision to come out on the air in 2010 made a difference in the show?Do you feel you've done a lot for your gay audience? I was never hiding from being gay; I just never talked about it.I've learned from the best, like Charlie Rose, and Howard Stern, who looks his guests in the eye and goes into their souls to find out what makes them tick. Time with an artist relaxes them; it makes them want to be there and answer all your questions.If an artist is going through a lot of bad publicity, I don't want to ask them about that.The native Texan, who does not reveal his birth name, retains no accent from his Lone Star State youth.

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Skeery Jones and Froggy, and executive producer David Brody]. If I can take credit for anything, it's that I've done a great job in surrounding myself with fantastic people who are the best at what they do. If it were with the right people, absolutely I'd want to do more.The rule of thumb is -- and I got this from my mother -- whatever crawls across the front yard, we'll pick it up and cook it for dinner. 1 morning radio host Elvis Duran says more people prefer to talk about his 100-pound weight loss than his on-air coming out of the closet.How do you feel about the current state of the music scene? The tried-and-true stars are releasing fantastic [songs] and strong collaborations.New artists are proving deep and innovative, which is why I love to introduce them to our listeners. It's not really a "clock in/clock out" workday for me.

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