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But Cotillard, pregnant with her second child and understandably wanting to remove herself from the conversation, spoke out fairly quickly, insisting she was very happy with her longtime partner and wishing Angelina and Brad "peace in this very tumultuous moment."In English in French, thank you very much.Yet obviously stranger things have happened than two co-stars, particularly two halves of a steamy onscreen couple, taking their chemistry off-camera, even while involved with other people in real life.

No question they were devoted to and protective of each other, but… But yes, it isn't just the co-star who might prove a draw, but the director, too.She captioned it with the sweetest message, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @tyyoung11 So Blessed to have you in my Life so many awesome moments & memories I’m so grateful I get to spend it with you!!!! " To add more, the couple has made a lot of public appearances together and they've become more like a family now.Mimi's daughter, Eva gets along really well with Tamara and the trio look really happy.Like Taylor and Burton, the couple were denounced by entire governments for their scandalous ways, and it did cost Bergman a few roles—but she won her second Best Actress Oscar for her big Hollywood comeback, 1956's that she and Bonham Carter, who dated Branagh for five years (and later fell madly in love with director Tim Burton, fancy that), could be considered similar."Being slightly mad and a bit fashion-challenged. Helena and I made our peace years and years ago," Thompson said. Perhaps there's hope for Jen and Angie down the road yet!The only problem with these tales, of course, even the kind-of-happy ones, is that there's no easy way to comfort the women and men who are married to or dating actors, those whose job it is to go to movie and TV sets and spend long hours with other actors.

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