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I recently applied for a job in this field (haven't heard back yet) and went along to the school to talk about what kind of person they were looking for.The job description did specify that experience was an advantage and I stated that I did not have any but they said it was the qualities of the person they were more interested in than just qualifications.Good luck HI you can do NVQ in being a TA these days !I've no idea what that entails though or its value.So if any of you have any advice that would be great. I am also interested in working with children with disabilities, any one with advice on this also? My advice to you is to get good and correct advice! Its an attractive job as term time fits in with so many mums,and even better if you manage to crack the school your child's in!

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Started to look for work near the schools in my area as i need to pick and drop the children to school but not any luck in some schools also applied as a lunch time supervisor but and that not sukses.

She then applied the next time they advertised at the school.

I gather there were a lot of applicants but the fact that she knew the school/kids and performed well at the interview, was just enough to pip another good candidate to the job.

If you are interested in working with SEN children then you need to consider the types of SEN you might be working with.

The school my mum started out at had children with both mental and physical disabilities, some very severe (and terminal, which is obviously extremely upsetting).

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