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Oregon's only national park, Crater Lake National Park, comprises the caldera surrounding Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States.The state is also home to the single largest organism in the world, Armillaria ostoyae, a fungus that runs beneath 8.9 km Because of its diverse landscapes and waterways, Oregon's economy is largely powered by various forms of agriculture, fishing, and hydroelectric power.The term referred to the then-mythical River of the West (the Columbia River). One theory is that the name comes from the French word ouragan ("windstorm" or "hurricane"), which was applied to the River of the West based on Native American tales of powerful Chinook winds on the lower Columbia River, or perhaps from firsthand French experience with the Chinook winds of the Great Plains.At the time, the River of the West was thought to rise in western Minnesota and flow west through the Great Plains.This chronicle is the first topographical and linguistic source with respect to the place name Oregon.There are also two other sources with Spanish origins, such as the name Oregano, which grows in the southern part of the region.

Like Western Europe, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest in general, is considered warm for its latitude, and the state has far milder winters at a given elevation than comparable latitudes elsewhere in North America, such as the Upper Midwest, Ontario, Quebec and New England.The Columbia River, which forms much of Oregon's northern border, also played a major role in the region's geological evolution, as well as its economic and cultural development.The Columbia is one of North America's largest rivers, and one of two rivers to cut through the Cascades (the Klamath River in southern Oregon is the other).Sportswear company Nike, Inc., headquartered in Beaverton, is the state's largest public corporation with an annual revenue of .6 billion.written by the new Spaniard Rodrigo Motezuma and made reference to the Columbia River when the Spanish explorers penetrated into the actual North American territory that became part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain.

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