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A hearing on the issue of consent shall be conducted by the court without a jury.(b) If a parent of the child is presently the spouse of the petitioner, that parent must join in the petition for adoption and further consent of that parent is not required.(c) A child 12 years of age or older must consent to the adoption in writing or in court. The court may waive the requirement of consent by the managing conservator if the court finds that the consent is being refused or has been revoked without good cause. The copy of the report shall be edited to protect the identity of birth parents and their families.(f) The department, licensed child-placing agency, parent, guardian, person, or entity who prepares and files the original report is required to furnish supplemental medical, psychological, and psychiatric information to the adoptive parents if that information becomes available and to file the supplemental information where the original report is filed. September 1, 2015.(d) If the child has been placed for adoption by a person or entity other than the department, a licensed child-placing agency, or the child's parent or guardian, it is the duty of the person or entity who places the child for adoption to prepare the report.(e) The person or entity who places the child for adoption shall provide the prospective adoptive parents a copy of the report as early as practicable before the first meeting of the adoptive parents with the child. The information shall include the right of the child or biological parent to refuse to participate in the registry. The licensed child-placing agency shall provide to each of the child's biological parents known to the agency, the information when the parent signs an affidavit of relinquishment of parental rights or affidavit of waiver of interest in a child.

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The Department of Family and Protective Services, licensed child-placing agency, or other person placing a child for adoption shall inform the prospective adoptive parents of their right to examine the records and other information relating to the history of the child. Transferred, redesignated, and amended from Family Code, Section 162.018 by Acts 2015, 84th Leg., R. PREPARATION OF HEALTH, SOCIAL, EDUCATIONAL, AND GENETIC HISTORY REPORT. The supplemental information shall be retained for as long as the original report is required to be retained. (a) Unless the managing conservator is the petitioner, the written consent of a managing conservator to the adoption must be filed. At any time before an order granting the adoption of the child is rendered, a consent required by Section 162.010 may be revoked by filing a signed revocation.

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