Accommodating students with autism

Are we teaching autism students effectively in inclusive classrooms so that they are able to benefit from their educational programs?The information, research and articles below offer teachers practical tips and strategies on how to teach students with autism in inclusive classrooms. Please consider sharing it with your child's teacher.This module aims to provide information on how the disability manifests and how it impacts the student throughout their college careers.In addition, it discusses strategies for providing support to the student.Although there is a range of intervention strategies designed for students with ASD and used in many educational settings, there is no one intervention or approach proven effective for every child with ASD (National Research Council 2000).To gain the most from any intervention or teaching strategy requires a careful review of the family's vision for their child; the student's ability to communicate, how they prefer to communicate, and the student's cognitive ability, learning style, adaptive behavior and independent daily living skills. Provide a list of expectations or tasks for each role lowers the possibility of misunderstanding and makes working within a group easier.First instruction of organizational skills must start when the student starts school.All students benefit from being taught how to use daily schedules, and planners, and how to use and organize their subject folders and notebooks.

Considerations in Teaching More Advanced Students with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders View real life samples of visual pictures schedules for our loved one here.

You are not expected to lower standards to accommodate students with a disability, but rather are required to give them a reasonable opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned.

To assist post-secondary faculty and administration in understanding the characteristics and needs of a person with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

(US Autism and Asperger Association, 2013)Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a neurological disorder that was first described by Hans Asperger, a Viennese pediatrician, in 1944.

At the same time, Austrian physician, Leo Kanner, who was living in the United States, began to describe children he saw with similar characteristics.

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