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You simply need to log on to your modem as per the instructions in your modem manual and enter your username and password.

All other settings should work with factory defaults on nearly all modems. Both of these addresses are automatically assigned when you connect to the aa Net ADSL service and you should not need to configure these.

If you have your phone line going through your television cable the answer is no. Excess usage is calculated on per MB on a pro-rata basis.

You must have a normal copper phone line to enable ADSL on the line. We do sell modems much cheaper than retail prices and these are the ones our helpdesk supports. Contract terms vary based on the product you choose. I am shifting, how do I re-locate and what does it cost?

Our plans offer unbeatable combinations of data and speed at an affordable price.

It is a good idea to start with our step by step guides. You will an ADSL capable Modem which you can buy from us or any supplier you prefer. Just about any computer will work with our service but having a late model PC is preferred for optimal performance. Most times it takes about 7-10 business days for a new application.

This does not mean that someone comes to your house and installs your modem on your line.

If you find you still can't connect, try resetting the modem to factory defaults and start again remembering only to enter your username and password...

This can be confusing because there is no difference.

Installation means that aa Net activates your line.

1) The one to log on to your modem and you will find this is your modem manual.

2) The one to log on to the aa Net network and you need to enter this once you have logged into your modem.

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