A mans field guide to dating

Afraid you can't hold the door or offer to pay for dinner for fear of insulting a feminist? Learn what's true and what's a myth in our deconstruction of the modern American Feminist. No, not the fun F word (really, who doesn’t crack up when they see fecundity in print? More specifically, I’m going to take a crack at providing a crash course in feminist mythbusting for Primer’s mostly male audience in an effort to soothe your furrowed brows and smooth your interactions with the opposite sex.Feminism as an ideology is, of course, much more complicated than a single pithy article can cover (I’m good, but I’m not that good) and is subject to constant internal debate about its true nature and its political, cultural, academic and socioeconomic applications. The word itself is often used pejoratively (by both sexes, alas) to condemn any negative behavior on the part of and/or unpleasant interactions with womenfolk.You don’t want to make them excited to see you again, and then never follow through. You can look at your failed marriage in two ways: a traumatic loss, and waste of time OR a substantial learning experience.

It might feel impossible, useless, or even embarrassing for some divorced moms to get back into the saddle. In fact, dating as a single mom shouldn’t be any less exciting than it was before kids.

You’re too mature for nonsense, for waiting and wondering or beating around the bush. Sarah Williams is a lifestyle writer who specializes in self-development and dating advice.

She believes that happiness is a combination of a peaceful mind, self-discipline, and appreciating every day—just the way it is.

We are all deserving of love, or the possibility of love.

We all deserve a second chance at a lasting relationship.

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