8 simple rules dating my teenage daughter watch

By contrast, middle child Kerry (Amy Davidson) is intelligent and cute, but her continued lack of self-confidence has led her to hide behind a mask of sarcasm - which makes it difficult for her to get in touch with her true feelings.

And youngest child Rory (Martin Spanjers), fondly referred to as "The Boy," is trying to fill his father's shoes by becoming the man of the family, while at the same time entering the world of puberty and discovering one of life's true mysteries - girls.

Because my cousin is much more a rebel than me, I of course sided with the dad in the "arguments" that took place in the book.

If you are a father out there that doesn't quite understand your daughter, this would be a good book for you to try.

It gives tips, do and don'ts, and the most important how to handle certain situations as smoothly as possible. His viewpoints are extremely funny, and interesting, because I know that my dad has felt the exact same way sometimes.

This book is not just like that, but it's very funny as well. This book would make a fabulous Father's day/Birthday present for any dad.

7: If your pants hang off your hips, I'll gladly secure them with my staple gun. And as far as I remember at least some of the rules get mentioned (or acted out) in the TV show.

It helps you to understand it's nothing really personal, just the normal cycle, the way of the world. Hang onto this book during the storm, then pass it on to the next sailor as he comes up the pike.

Oops, gotta go pick up my daughter at the mall now, better run....;)W.

How you have to let your daughter out of the car early so she won't be seen with you.

How you really aren't allowed to ask her friends questions on the phone.

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