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And some of these fake news stories even dupe legitimate political figures who repeat the story without realizing it is false.And, of course, once a mainstream political figure repeats a story then it becomes even more entrenched in the national psyche.During the first few centuries, we are told, Christians read the with equal (if not more) regularity than the books that made it into our Bibles.And, of course, this whole narrative has a clear purpose behind it, namely to convince people that all gospels are pretty much the same and that no gospel is more valid than another.While some of these fake news stories are rather harmless, others have become quite dangerous.Most famous perhaps is the “Pizza Gate” incident in 2016 where a man shot up a pizza place thinking it was host to a child sex trafficking ring (thankfully, no one was hurt).

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Some stories, even though they have no basis in fact, are told so often, and with such conviction, that large numbers of people end up believing them anyway.One rare form has atoms that are 14 times as heavy as hydrogen atoms: carbon-14, or C ratio gets smaller.So, we have a “clock” which starts ticking the moment something dies.For them, the OT was the undisputed word of God and they were deeply immersed in it and committed to its authority.Moreover, from a very early point, Christians regarded their own books as scriptural and a core New Testament canon is evident by the early to middle second century.

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